Jon Echols cares about the everyday issues that affect people’s lives.

He’s focused on people, not partisan politics. He’s committed to honest, effective aand efficient government.

Helping our local economy

Jon has been a voice for more jobs and better jobs in the OKC area.

For example, with the airport, FAA and related businesses here, aerospace is very important to us. Jon has passed legislation reducing bureaucratic hurdles faced by area aerospace companies. He’s also helped shepherd passage of a bill creating new education and training programs for aerospace jobs.

Demanding accountability in government

Jon has authored and carried legislation to increase transparency and efficiency in state government. For example, he handled legislation creating a new Office of Accountability to investigate waste, fraud, and abuse in agencies like the state Health Department. Forces of the status quo have worked against Jon’s efforts, but he’ll keep fighting for reform.

Jon also led the efforts to clean up the so-called Obamaphone program in Oklahoma. Fraud was so rampant in programs like this, which were originally designed to help legitimately needy people, that Oklahoma was close to needing an entirely new area code. Millions of dollars over time will be saved thanks to reforms Jon helped institute.

A voice for healthcare

Many of the problems in healthcare are created at the federal level. But Jon has used his healthcare expertise to improve things where he can on the state level with common sense solutions.

For example, Jon carried the bill permitting the use of cannabinoid oils in Oklahoma. The new law allows patients with legitimate medical needs to access cannabinoid treatment, but without opening Pandora’s Box for potential abuse thru recreational drug use.

Jon has also spoken out on healthcare programs that are not achieving their intended aims, like the 340B drug program. Under 340B, the federal government provides rebates for prescriptions to low-income patients, but those rebates are being siphoned off by medical providers and not actually reaching patients’ pockets.

Workers compensation and legal reform

Jon has been a true leader in the area of legal reforms. He’s worked to ensure that our legal system provides a level playing field for all.

For example, Jon carried major workers compensation reform legislation. Jon sought to protect workers while cleaning up costly abuses in the system. Jon’s legislation was ultimately unopposed by many representatives from both labor AND employers interests.

In today’s politics, the ability to find common ground on big, contentious issues is in short supply. Jon Echols has proven to be that kind of leader.