Feb. 23, 2018 Weekly Wrap

Ice Shuts Down House for Two Legislative Days

The Oklahoma House of Representatives closed Feb. 21-22 due to inclement weather. Lawmakers will return for session Monday, Feb. 26.

Senate Approves Two House Bills, Including Budget Legislation

State senators approved House Bill 1020XX and House Bill 1021XX on Feb. 21. Once the House’s desk is open, the House will receive the legislation and send both bills to Gov. Mary Fallin’s desk for her consideration.

House Bill 1020XX bill enacts an across-the-board cut of 0.66 percent annualized to all agencies for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2018.

House Bill 1021XX provides legislative intent that the Department of Human Services fully fund the Advantage Home and Community-based Waiver Program, Money Follows the Person, Homeward Bound Waiver, In-home Supports, Intensive In-home Service, Advantage Waiver, Personal Care and state-funded community residential and vocational services within DHS, Adult Day Services, foster care, residential, group home care and adoption subsidy rates, and the Senior Nutrition Program at original FY-18 funding levels; taking into account restoration of funds. The measure also provides legislative intent that services to clients and provider rates for stated programs not be reduced below contracted rates in effect at the beginning of FY-18, taking into account restoration of funds.

The Senate has not yet voted on House Bill 1022XX, which authorizes $31,770,331 to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority in order to replace federal funds related to current obligations regarding the Deans Graduate Medical Education Program. The bill also authorizes $110,044,319 to the Oklahoma Health Care to be distributed to Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma for the benefit of the Deans Graduate Medical Education Program for FY-19.