Taxes, Government Spending and Jobs

1. I will work to reduce government spending and debt. Out of control spending in Washington threatens our nation’s future, and government has grown too big in Oklahoma too. You and I have to live within our family budgets. Government needs to learn that lesson too.

2. I will fight for lower taxes. We are taxed enough already!

3. I will use my business experience to help promote private job creation. Private industry creates jobs – not government bailouts and handouts paid for with our tax dollars! We must create favorable tax and regulatory environments and make wise infrastructure investments so that our economy can thrive.

Traditional Values

4. I will support the traditional Christian values this country was founded upon. I am 100 percent pro-life, and I will support traditional marriage.

5. I will strongly defend our Second Amendment rights.

Healthcare and Education

6. I oppose Obamacare and socialized medicine. As the owner of healthcare-related businesses, I know these programs will be a disaster for our country. I will oppose their implementation in our state and country.

7. I will be a strong advocate for our schools. Money alone will not solve our problems. With reform, efficiency and higher standards, our students will succeed. I will support good pay for teachers, appropriate local funding of schools, and less red tape.

Transportation and Public Safety

8. I support better transportation funding. We need better roads in this state. Too much of our transportation related taxes and fees are diverted to non-road uses.

9. I will oppose the early release of criminals. The rights of victims and law-abiding citizens must come first. People deserve to feel safe in their homes and communities. I will support the death penalty and a crackdown on juvenile crime.

10. I support strong measures against illegal immigration and oppose amnesty proposals like those advanced at the state Capitol last year.