Legislative Accomplishments

Jon Echols believes that good representation means getting the job done.

He’s focused on people, not partisan politics. He’s committed to honest, effective and efficient government. 

Check out his legislative accomplishments!

SB 667APPROVED BY GOV5/13/13Public assistance; prohibiting use of electronic benefit cards at certain establishments; providing definitions. Effective date. Emergency.2013
SB1022APPROVED BY GOV5/24/13Construction Industries Board; modifying provisions relating to membership, duties and administrator. Effective date.2013
HB2164APPROVED BY GOV5/24/13Trust accounts; Multistate Trust Institutions Act; providing exception for trust account used to facilitate aircraft registration; effective date.2013
HB2165APPROVED BY GOV5/16/13Telecommunications; prohibiting reimbursements from the Oklahoma Lifeline Fund for certain carriers until certain conditions are met; emergency.2013
HB2166APPROVED BY GOV4/15/13Child support; contempt; permitting judge to order willfully unemployed obligor complete certain community service program, if available; effective date.2013
HB2167APPROVED BY GOV4/24/13Bail bondsmen; modifying licensure of bail bondsmen; effective date.2013
HB2170APPROVED BY GOV4/22/13Crimes and punishments; deleting certain knife from list of prohibited weapons; effective date.2013
SCR 28SEC OF STATE5/15/13Senate Concurrent Resolution; recognizing October 20-26, 2013 as Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week in Oklahoma.2013
HR1027SEC OF STATE5/20/13Declaring May 16, 2013, as Lupus Advocacy Day and May 2013 as Lupus Awareness Month in Oklahoma; distribution.2013
SB1372APPROVED BY GOV5/6/14Personnel of the Department of Public Safety; deleting certain ranks of positions; modifying certain qualification requirements. Effective date. Emergency.2014
SB1438APPROVED BY GOV6/4/14Constructions Industries Board; removing prohibition of violations or fines; Mechanical Licensing Act; exception for certain gas pipelines.2014
SB1510APPROVED BY GOV4/21/14Telecommunications; limiting amount of reimbursement from Oklahoma Lifeline Fund. Effective date.2014
SB1612APPROVED BY GOV6/3/14Enforcement of visitation rights; modifying procedures relating to enforcement of visitation rights. Effective date.2014
SB1706APPROVED BY GOV4/7/14Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; providing penalties for certain violations. Effective date.2014
SB1719APPROVED BY GOV5/12/14Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act; updating statutory reference.2014
SB1724APPROVED BY GOV5/6/14State Architectural and Registered Interior Designers Act; various modifications; competitive bid; temporary license. Effective date. Emergency.2014
SB1799APPROVED BY GOV5/23/14Corporations; relating to shareholder's derivative action; expenses. Effective date.2014
SB1858APPROVED BY GOV4/15/14Municipal employees; offering health insurance to retired employees. Effective date.2014
SB1948APPROVED BY GOV4/28/14Workers' compensation; relating to the Self-insurance Guaranty Fund Board; appointment procedures. Effective date. Emergency.2014
HB3359VETOED5/23/14Liens; creating the Oklahoma Construction Registry Act; effective date.2014
HB3365APPROVED BY GOV5/5/14Product liability; providing rebuttable presumptions and scope of liability.2014
HB3367VETOED4/29/14Crimes and punishments; expanding scope of state preemption to include knives; effective date.2014
SB 28APPROVED BY GOV4/2/15State purchasing; modifying requirements for the State Purchasing Director.2015
SB 116APPROVED BY GOV5/6/15Private prison facilities; making certain requirements inapplicable to contactors that house federal inmates. Emergency.2015
SB 312APPROVED BY GOV6/4/15Elections; modifying dates upon which elections may be held by political subdivisions. Effective date.2015
SB 352VETO MSG READ5/6/15Public bidding; authorizing local bid preference for certain bids. Emergency.2015
SB 362APPROVED BY GOV5/8/15Crime and punishment; relating to obstructing an officer; stating certain allowances. Effective date.2015
SB 394APPROVED BY GOV4/7/15Architects; powers of the Board; authorizing contracts for scholarship purposes. Effective date.2015
SB 411APPROVED BY GOV4/21/15Commercial driver license; pilot program; curriculum of courses; certification renewal fees; background checks. Effective date.2015
SB 434APPROVED BY GOV4/21/15Oklahoma Chiropractic Practice Act; modifying powers of the Board; complaints; confidential information. Effective date.2015
SB 486APPROVED BY GOV4/20/15Marriage and family; relating to Uniform Interstate Family Support Act; modifying provisions. Effective date.2015
SB 637APPROVED BY GOV4/13/15Crime and punishment; expanding scope of rape, rape by instrumentation and sexual battery. Effective date.2015
SB 676VETO MSG READ5/4/15Oklahoma Clean Air Act; requiring additional procedures necessary to obtain state authority governing certain federal clean air standards.2015
SB 690APPROVED BY GOV4/21/15Intoxicating liquors; brewer; distribution agreements; terms, definitions, successor business. Effective date. Emergency.2015
SB 767APPROVED BY GOV6/4/15Administrative Workers' Compensation Act; modifying provisions. Effective date.2015
SB 774APPROVED BY GOV4/21/15Trust property; clarifying that certain power not suspended under certain circumstances. Effective date.2015
SB 788VETO MSG READ5/4/15Marriage; establishing exception to certain requirements. Effective date.2015
HB2154APPROVED BY GOV4/30/15Public health and safety; creating Katie and Cayman's Law; providing for the establishment of statewide investigational new drug applications for certain clinical trials; emergency.2015
HB2157APPROVED BY GOV4/28/15Children; enacting the Family Support Accountability Act; effective date.2015
HR1027SEC OF STATE5/13/15Declaring May 13, 2015, as Lupus Advocacy Day; distribution.2015
SB1001APPROVED BY GOV6/6/16Investigation of Escaped inmates; allowing certain investigations and warrants.2016
SB1083APPROVED BY GOV5/11/16Roofing Contractor Registration Act; affidavit of exemption; workers' compensation coverage. Effective date.2016
SB1095APPROVED BY GOV4/25/16Volunteer immunity; providing exemption from liability for certain acts. Effective date.2016
SB1218APPROVED BY GOV5/5/16Department of Corrections; modifying institutions included within definition. Effective date.2016
SB1282APPROVED BY GOV5/20/16Revenue and taxation; manufacturer exemptions; exempting for certain materials used in manufacturing. Effective date.2016
SB1341APPROVED BY GOV4/5/16Municipal boards of adjustment; modifying procedures relating to automatic stays during appeal. Emergency.2016
SB1567VETO MSG READ4/13/16Health information; creating the Transparency in Disclosure of Health Information Act. Effective date.2016
HB2835APPROVED BY GOV5/16/16Public health and safety; deleting age limitation for certain definitions; effective date.2016
HB2840APPROVED BY GOV4/21/16Intoxicating liquors; alcohol-related licenses; limiting applicability of certain limitations; effective date.2016
HB2844APPROVED BY GOV4/20/16Civil procedure; judgment; permitting suit if conduct is not within scope of duty; effective date.2016
HR1050SEC OF STATE3/30/16Proclamation; proclaiming Nurse Practitioner Day.2016
SB 145APPROVED BY GOV5/8/17Elections; procedures relating to presidential elections. Effective date.2017
SB 301APPROVED BY GOV5/12/17Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program; eligibility; providing exemption for students in certain out-of-home placements. Effective date.2017
SB 467APPROVED BY GOV5/20/17Consumer Credit Code; changing certain deposit percentage rates.2017
SB 468APPROVED BY GOV5/1/17State Banking Commissioner; making a voting member of certain commissions; authorizing certain meetings; relating to the Securities Commission; modifying references. Emergency.2017
SB 631APPROVED BY GOV5/16/17Transportation network companies; transportation network drives; providing that certain displays shall not alter certain relationships; online status. Effective date.2017
HB1464APPROVED BY GOV4/13/17Cities and towns; streets and roads; modifying certain population requirement; effective date.2017
HB1465APPROVED BY GOV5/26/17Driver licenses; relating to REAL ID; limiting the sharing of certain information; child passenger restraint system requirements; exception for rear-facing requirement; emergency.2017
HB1559APPROVED BY GOV4/17/17Public health and safety; modifying scope of marijuana definition; effective date.2017
HB1570APPROVED BY GOV5/26/17Civil procedure; statute of limitations for civil actions; striking gross negligence standard for certain damages; court costs and attorney fees; Discovery Code; limitations on scope of discovery; effective date.2017
HB2131APPROVED BY GOV5/3/17State government; creating the Tourism Development Act; effective date.2017
SB 350APPROVED BY GOV5/3/18Political parties; requirements to retain party recognition. Effective date.2018
SB1173APPROVED BY GOV5/10/18Alcoholic beverages; modifying various provisions of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act; wholesalers. Effective dates.2018
SB1299APPROVED BY GOV5/10/18Oklahoma Discovery Code; production and inspection of documents and property; modifying procedures for certain service and response. Effective date.2018
HB1568VETOED5/3/18Revenue and taxation; tax credits; authorizing Department of Commerce to enter into negotiations; prescribing standards for contract; notification to the Tax Commission; effective date.2018
HB2702APPROVED BY GOV4/26/18Crimes and punishments; providing penalty for dumping furniture or items of certain weight; effective date.2018
HB2827APPROVED BY GOV5/3/18Initiative and referendum; ballot titles; modifying procedures for ballot titles of certain referendums and petitions; effective date.2018
SB 708APPROVED BY GOV5/13/19Firearms; allowing certain persons to carry firearms on public or municipal property. Effective date.2019
SB 709APPROVED BY GOV5/2/19Oklahoma Department of Public Safety; modifying certain appointments. Emergency.2019
SB 848APPROVED BY GOV5/21/19Opioid drugs; requiring continuing education courses for certain professions; requiring the Insurance Department to conduct certain study; requiring Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control to submit certain report. Emergency.2019
SB 868APPROVED BY GOV4/22/19Agriculture; creating the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agricultural Program. Emergency.2019
SB 967APPROVED BY GOV4/22/19Sexual assault collection kits; providing for creation and implementation of statewide electronic tracking system. Effective date. Emergency.2019
SB 971APPROVED BY GOV5/9/19Law enforcement training; requiring training relating to sexual assault calls, response and evidence collection. Effective date.2019
SB 975APPROVED BY GOV5/14/19Sexual assault evidence collection; requiring certain notification; directing adoption of guidelines. Emergency.2019
HB2591APPROVED BY GOV4/30/19Medicaid; creating the Defunding Statutory Rape Cover-up Act; effective date.2019
HB2597APPROVED BY GOV2/27/19Firearms; adding exception to certain prohibited act; adding condition that allows for firearms to be lawfully carried; effective date.2019
HB2610APPROVED BY GOV4/29/19Children; child abuse examiners; directing the Commission on Children and Youth to promulgate rules for child abuse medical examiners; effective date; emergency.2019
HB2612APPROVED BY GOV3/14/19Medical marijuana; creating the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act.2019
HB2618APPROVED BY GOV4/30/19State government; websites of public bodies; requiring posting of certain information on website; effective date.2019
HB2628APPROVED BY GOV5/23/19Industrial hemp; modifying authorization of licensee; removing penalty exception; removing disposal method requirement; effective date; emergency.2019
HB2629APPROVED BY GOV5/15/19Motor vehicles; requiring drivers to proceed with caution upon approach of tow trucks displaying amber flashing lamps; effective date.2019
HB2630APPROVED BY GOV4/29/19Domestic violence; modifying list of persons specified in certain criminal offenses; effective date.2019
HB2632APPROVED BY GOV5/21/19Insurance; creating the Patient's Right to Pharmacy Choice Act; establishing a Right to Patient Choice Advisory Committee; effective date.2019
SCR 1SEC OF STATE4/4/19Concurrent resolution; urging ratification of Parental Rights Amendment.2019
HCR1007SEC OF STATE5/8/19Recall of Enrolled House Bill No. 1022.2019
HR1003SEC OF STATE2/7/19Rose Day; recognizing Rose Day 2019 at the State Capitol.2019
SB1462APPROVED BY GOV5/18/20Crime and punishment; modifying offense of nonconsensual dissemination of private images. Effective date.2020
SB1718APPROVED BY GOV5/19/20Health insurance; modifying mandated coverage for mental health and substance use disorders; requiring health plans to submit annual report. Effective date.2020
SB1825APPROVED BY GOV5/19/20Presidential electors; establishing procedures for provisional certification under certain circumstances. Effective date. Emergency.2020
HB2753APPROVED BY GOV5/22/20Quartz Mountain; transferring from the board of trustees for the Quartz Mountain Arts and Conference Center and Nature Park to the Tourism and Recreation Department; effective date.2020
HB3223APPROVED BY GOV5/22/20Public health and safety; authorizing certain schools and persons to retain and donate tissue from bodies for the purpose of training dogs to search for human remains; effective date.2020
HB3228VETOED5/22/20Marijuana; Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act; licenses; renewal; waste disposal; testing; effective date.2020
HB3251APPROVED BY GOV5/22/20Violent crimes; expanding scope of definition to include certain crimes; effective date.2020
HB3369APPROVED BY GOV5/22/20Schools; decreasing certain percentage of State Aid allocation that may be retained by charter school sponsors; effective date.2020
SCR 8SEC OF STATE3/17/20Concurrent Resolution relating to Joint Rules for the 57th Oklahoma Legislature.2020
SCR 10SEC OF STATE5/5/20Concurrent Resolution regarding Joint Rules of the 57th Legislature.2020
HJR1028APPROVED BY GOV5/22/20Workers' compensation; approving Fee Schedule for maximum rates paid for reimbursement to medical providers; distribution; effective date; emergency.2020
HCR1017SEC OF STATE3/17/20Adjournment of legislature; period of time in excess of three days.2020
HCR1002SEC OF STATE4/6/20Adjournment of legislature; consent of adjournment for more than three days.2020